Audio-Technica Releases Headphones With Style-Awareness

Most of headphones ever designed so far has successfully giving the comfortability for the wearers, but somehow has neglecting the importance of the hair style of the user. Nowadays teens and stylish lifesouls (especially boy/man) love to have a spiky hair cut to give some modern looking. So headphone with large headband might just destroy that spiky hair when in use, leaving a weird hair shape after removing the headphone for the head.


That’s why Audio-Technica has to introduce ATH-XS7 and ATH-XS5 to solve this problem. The first model ATH-XS7 headphones has a Wide Back Band that guaranteed to let your spiky hair stay stylish while you still can enjoy your music to the fullest. Meanwhile, Audio-Technica ATH-XS5 is aiming for bald people or those who love to wear cap as their main style. The second model is actually quite usual, perhaps it’s just an extra variation offered by Audio-Technica.


Specification wise, both ATH-XS7 and ATH-XS5 share the same specs with 110dB/mW output and 47Ω impedance. They are corded headphone, with gold color 3.5mm audio jack. They will be available in three color selections, from black, white and red. No idea how much it will cost you to own one in Japan.


[via AkihabaraNews]

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