iDish: Hygienist or Dirtiness?


I know iPad is very useful and if you have bunch of apps to enjoy, you’ll never apart from this tablet device. However, it’s just so wrong that you even need to have your breakfast-lunch-supper with iPad!

Well, this guy who developed iDish didn’t think he can apart from this iPad. So he is HAVING CURRY on his IPAD!

Let us see what he has to say with iDish:

“iDish, what did you think?
After all these trials, I hesitate to say this,
but overall, the impression of eating foods with iDish actually is,
it does not taste so great.
After all, electric device and food doesn’t match.
It’s better to eat with normal dishes.
And iDish is flat surface, Curry can’t be scooped.
In addition, the biggest problem is,
Your iPad will be dirty.
Well, I knew that all along
I used a LCD protector, and repeated to use and wash every time.
However, after some trials, that became confusing,
and I put salmon sashimi directly on the iPad screen.
My iPad got fishy smell. You need to be careful.
For all of these reasons,
even if you are interested in iDish after reading this article,
I don’t recommend you to do it at home.”

In short, iPad is his new hi-tech plate. Uh huh…

[via Neatorama]

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