ReStyle: Furniture Concept With Plethora Of Possibilities!

Check out this amazing furniture concept called “ReStyle”. It’s not just a single bit of furniture where it can server single purpose, ReStyle is actually a collection of furniture that could be used either separately or together!


The picture above is the actual product which has been tidy-up into a small cube setting. However, with the plethora of possibilities available, you turn ReStyle into the following furniture:


ReStyle is a compact coffee table cluster.
ReStyle is two tables, two chairs
ReStyle is storage.
ReStyle is a desk, a seat, and a book-shelf.
ReStyle is a child’s dining table.
ReStyle is a TV and games unit.
ReStyle is a playground for children.
ReStyle is versatile.
ReStyle is sustainable.
ReStyle is whatever you want it to be.

Wow, unlimited possibility which is only limited by your brain. ReStyle furniture concept is designed by James Howlett, whose sure to have bright idea gems hiding in his brain!

[via YankoDesign]

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