Apple Magic Trackpad – An Macbook Pro Extracted Trackpad For Mac Desktop


If you are an existing Macbook Pro owner, you might familiar with this new Apple Magic Trackpad that have been claimed as the first multi-touch trackpad ever created for Mac desktop computer. It has a design awareness where it has suit the style of the existing wireless keyboard by pairing up the size and shape. which mean if you have the wireless keyboard, this Apple Magic Trackpad will make a great additional at the right size zone and adds more functionality that you can enjoy such as turning / swiping pages like flipping through pages in a book or magazine.


The Apple Magic Trackpad will let users to do scroll, rotate, zoom, swipe, and navigate through your Mac Desktop computer easy. The Apple Magic Trackpad features built-in battery, and bluetooth connection that allow you to hook up in the range of 33 feet away from your Mac desktop PC.

With this new accessory for your Apple Mac desktop, you get to choose whether if you want to use the Magic Mouse or this Magic Trackpad. Of course, the Trackpad would be more interesting thanks to the added functionality that Magic Mouse lack of.

[via Winarco]

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