NZXT Roll Outs Phantom Full Tower PC Chassis


NZXT has just rolled out a new range of Full Tower PC case that looks very futuristic and Alienware. It’s definitely one of the cool looking design we have ever seen since the appearance of Acer Predator Desktop that has a killer PC chassis.

NZXT themselves even claimed that this Phantom Full Towe PC Chassis is their most elegant and intelligent chassive ever constructed. Means you don’t have to buy their previous models/releases if you are aiming for them best PC case design. Just wait for this one! :)


NZXT Phantom come in three different bold color selections, which is the white, black and red. Every one of them looks equally elegant, and NZXT ensure that all system ever installed inside to stays cool. You can find 7 cooling fan options, in details there is a dual 200mm, single 230/200mm, triple 120mm and front 140mm fans installed inside. If you feel that cooling fan is not your stuff, you can upgrade to water cooling system because NZXT Phantom support dual radiator, quad watercooling cutouts, and a built-in fan controller with up to five 20W channels.

The reason NZXT is so proud of their new Phantom PC Case is because Phantom chassis is developed by a community and the popular case modder Craig Bugger. They can ensure that all design elements available inside the Phantom is the high-demand one and not a single feature in the Phantom Case is worthless for the users.

Looks great, however, NZXT Phantom PC Chassis is not yet available. It will hit the store on September, which is about 2 months to go from now. But if you love to have one, you can use this time span to save some money for the case. It doesn’t cost you much at $139.99. Just a full 2 month part-time job might settle the matter. 😉

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