Bye Bye Old Kindle, Welcome New Graphite Kindle!

After the news of ‘Kindle is out of stock‘ 2 days ago, we have found ourselves in front of the Amazon website with a brand new Graphite Kindle!


This is absolutely the new model of Kindle ebook reader. It’s impossible for Amazon to sold out their Kindle – the most popular electronic of the year. The reason is because the new model is going to hit the shelf, so Amazon declined to re-stock the ol’ model.


According to Amazon’s page, this graphite version of new Kindle ebook reader (also available in white) is 21% smaller they without shaving the 6-inch e-ink screen size. Thanks to the smaller form factor, the new Kindle ebook reader is also 17% lighter.

Even it’s smaller, the ‘stomach’ has grown twice as big to 4GB (can store 3,500 e-books), and about twice the contrast, faster refresh rate, has a crisper and darker fonts.


This new version of Amazon Kindle ebook reader will be available in two models. The 3G + WiFi and the Wi-Fi Only. Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi model cost higher at $189 while Kindle Wi-Fi Only will cost less at $139 only. You can pre-order this new Graphite/White Kindle right now to ensure release date delivery on August 27th.

[via SlashGear]

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