Tiniest Solar Cell Ever Made: 1/5 Human Hair’s Diameter!


This is an amazing breakthrough in alternative energy research. People soon can enjoy the very tiny of solar cells that is about one-fifth of human hair’s diameter, or to be exactly about 20 microns thick but still can generate power even in a dim light!

Imagine this technology saw by men from the 90’s, this should be considered as an Alien technology for them! :)

According to the source, this Smallest solar cell is invented by Sandia National Laboratory, which is operated by Sandia Corporation of Lockheed Martin Corporation for U.S. Department. The solar cell itself can generate power continuously even without direct sunlight hitting the panel. This mean if the weather is cloudy, this 1/5 human hair’s diameter solar cell can still power up your home in the future.

Because it’s small, it will allow a smaller area of deployment in a house’s roof, while manufacturer can push down the production cost. One stone two birds solution. Beautiful!

[Daniweb, Sandia National Laboratory]

P.S. Above image is for illustration only – It’s not the actual image of Sandia’s Solar Cell

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