Your PlayStation 3 Is Getting Smarter With Firmware 3.41


You guess what, after hitting on the 3D button with their firmware update and the PlayStation Plus with firmware 3.40, PlayStation 3 is getting smarter because the latest 3.41 firmware update will enable the ‘PlayStation Store Recommendations” feature.

This feature will be able to recommend you to some of the hottest game title in the PlayStation Store, which also become a great firmware update that will help Sony promote popular game titles without excessive advertising cost. 😉

Which mean you will be able to see a “You May Like” section on the right side (see picture above) that listed the best selling and top game titles. It’s kind of Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section that proved to be very effective to draw more sales.

The firmware update will be ready in a couple of days, according to Ubergizmo it will be at the end of this July 2010. Make sure to prepare your wallet to buy extra games. 😉

[via PlayStation Blog, Ubergizmo]

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