Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce – Let You Adjust How Hot You Want


This is an unique product design. A a common sense, most hot sauce come in a different bottle with different ‘Hotness’ to choose. With this Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce sold in Firebox, you can fine tune the taste as you like without getting you tongue burned by the chilly. If you can’t bear, just turn it all over to the right to get a warm sauce for your food.

Simply twist the nozzle and the concoction changes from slightly spicy to omigod-call-the-fire-brigade-me-gob’s-exploding fiery.

This is thanks to an innovative pump spray that mixes the sauce from the bottle’s two compartments in varying proportions. Twist the pump all the way and you get scorching sauce, turn it down and a dash of not-so-hot sauce is introduced into the mix.

Imported from the US of A, Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is causing quite a stir in the States and has already been featured on The Today Show and in Time Magazine. It’s even won awards in the chilli press (course there’s one). Hardly surprising, because as well as being incredibly versatile the pump spray dispenses the tasty sauce evenly over your grub.

Here at Firebox we like to grade hot sauce according to the faces it causes our testers to pull. And believe us, this stuff ranges from ‘Kenneth Williams getting into a hot bath’ to ‘the Hulk changing a tyre’. Crank it to the max and we’re talking ‘him with the long tongue out of Kiss doing a particularly fiddly solo’. Aargh!

Ideal for hot heads, barbecue buffs and indecisive spice fans, Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is just the ticket for anyone who likes to fiddle with the ferocity of their sauce. So get ordering. This one goes to eleven!

Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is available at Firebox for £12.99. Well, I hope it can be refilled.

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