Shark Knife – Deadly Weapon For Close Combat

Shark Knife, just like its name, it’s a shark shape knives that can do nothing but slicing your ‘enemy’, including yourself if you don’t be careful.


Yes it might let your enemies think twice before attacking you. Whether they should stand and fight you with their short knife or just get the hell out of your face to be safe. :)

However, this Shark Knife is for self-defend only (in a hyped way) and if your enemy is equipped with a projectile weapon such as a GUN, I guess you are the one that should run out of the place! 😀

Overall, the Shark Knife has a multiple knives installed and cramped together in an artistic way. I’m not sure whether this Sharky Knifey is useful or not, but a wearer caution is to pay close attention to the knife at the lowest part of the Shark knife. Don’t you dare to do ultimate uppercut punch while wearing it or you’ll gonna slice yourself…

[via BoingBoing]

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