RCA BRC3108 Portable Blu-ray Player [Pre-Order]


Blu-ray player has slowly starting to taken over the portable DVD player market as customer demand on watch blu-ray movies on-the-go is rising rapidly. To welcome this new mobile trend, RCA BRC3108 portable Blu-ray player has just make its appearance in the market. This portable Blu-ray player features 10-inch screen to playback the blu-ray movies, built-in rechargeable battery that could let you watch about 1-2 movies before recharging, and 1080p HDMI output to let you hook this RCA BRC3108 portable blu-ray player to your HDTV and turn it into a dedicated blu-ray player.

RCA BRC3108 portable blu-ray player has an integrated stereo speakers, which is best for you to carry it around or install it in car to have a mini entertainment screen inside your car. It also comes with a carrying case and headrest attachment for in-car use to let you install RCA BRC3108 portable blu-ray player easily into your car.

RCA BRC3108 portable blu-ray player is also backward compatible with DVDs and CDs. The player is currently set for pre-order at Amazon for $349.99. However, Engadget has found out that Target is going to sell this portable blu-ray player for $299 only.

[via Engadget]

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