BlackBerry BlackPad Tablet PC – Might Appear in November 2010

Blackberry BlackPad (or also known as Cobalt) which has been rumored for awhile is now getting a stronger proof of its existence since RIM purchased the BlackPad domain name last week.


There is a news that RIM will going out to the public to introduce their new BlackPad in this November, but up to date there is no official announcement yet.

It’s better for them to act fast to stop Apple from enjoy the tasty cake alone. With their success in Blackberry smartphones, we are hoping the Blackpad appearance could make the different in the tablet market, too.

[TechRadar via Ubergizmo]

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  • Never forget the *real* customer is the business unit. IT doesnt exist for the sake of IT, it exists to support the business. The days of the PC equivalent of the glass house are over. Smart IT organizations will adapt, dumb ones will be replaced. If your in a large organization, due to inertia you may have some more time on top, but I wouldnt remain too comfortable.

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