FridgePad – Giant Strong Fridge Magnet iPad Case

Have no talent to build an iPad Kitchen Cabinet? No worry, you can build iPad Fridge anyway and it’s easy! Just get yourself a ‘FridgePad’ case for iPad, and you can stick your iPad into your refrigerator’s door and turn it into a a high-tech fridge that can browsing and do hefty lots of jobs! 😀


FridgePad features a large magnet on the back, and it has plastic corner that will clip and hold the iPad in place. Not limited to refrigerator, if you have any metal-door, you can use this FridgePad to ‘Dock’ your iPad to the surface, either on the wall or a low ceiling if you prefer a weird position.

The FridgePad won’t cost a fortune, in fact, it’s just $50 to own one for yourself. Care to own one? Go to WordFordDesign for more info. The availability is on Autumn 2010.

[via Wired]

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