New Patent: Samsung Dual-Touch Tablets

Samsung has just submitted a new patent for approval. The Patent is talking about a new Samsung tablet, unlike their Galaxy Tab, is a new concept where user can interact with a double sided touchscreen surface.


This mean that the future Samsung Dual-Touch tablet is going to have a transparent screen (see picture above) where you can interactively interact with the object within the screen like moving pictures, rotating, pan, resize or so on. The functionality on both screen will be differentiate and Samsung is planning to give the rear touchscreen a different functions rather than replicating the front size touch panel.

It certainly looks cool if such a device can be produced for the mass. However, Samsung is well known for their patent applications and they’ve been filing more patents every weeks. It’s even beat Nokia, Motorola, RIM and Sony combined. This mean Samsung is simply fond of registering their idea so no other people can take their idea, instead of turning all their patent ideas into a real product. Don’t hope too much on this new dual touch tablet. :)

[UnWired View Via SlashGear]

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