Snowflake JBL Speakers by Sylvian Gerber


Snow is pure, white, holy and soothing. That’s also how the feel of this Snowflake JBL speakers designed by Sylvian Gerber. He truly express out the snowflake’s core meaning into his creation, the Snowflake speakers for JBL sound system. The concept features a flat membrane audio technology, where all the electronic parts are hidden in its base without disturbing the snowflake design.


The main idea of this design is to exposed the pure sound quality, as pure as the snow in the winter. At the same time, Sylvian Gerber merged the latest technology iPhone / iPod dock into the speaker so the snowflake speakers can tune our favorite song with its crystal clear and snow pure sounds. Another eyes-candy that is pretty attractive is the glowing spiky lines. It might looks like a sun flower if you care to imagine.

Sadly, it’s just a product concept. No real product produced yet.


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