WowWee’s Roboscooper – Your New Loyal Rubbish Picker

You may have your iRobot Roomba ready to clean your floor from particles or small dirt and dust. However, iRobot cannot get its jobs done when facing large objects. So, if this problem appeared, you have to options. Either you pick up the large rubbish and throw it away manually, or you can ask this little new loyal rubbish picker WowWee Roboscooper to do it for you!


WowWee Roboscooper is the new model of robotic toy that could help you clean up your dirty room from larger objects. If Roboscooper found a heavy object at couldn’t be lifted by its power, it will alert you and ask for your help.

WowWee Roboscooper can lift objects that is not over than an ounce in weight. That should do for some clothes, paper, plastic, or small toys.

It needs six AAA batteries to power up, running and scanning your home for rubbish to pickup using its sensors. You can either set it on autonomous mode or remote controlled mode. And there is also a funny mode called “whack” mode that will set the WowWee Roboscooper into a berserk mode where, instead of picking up rubbish, it will smack and slap any objects in front of its sensor.

If you want one, the WowWee Roboscooper will cost you $70. Find the details at WowWee.

Optionally, you can find it selling at Hammacher for $69.95. Expect your purchase to ship on August 30th, 2010.

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