Elecom USB Hub That Looks Like A Power Strip


You may have seen many USB hub models in your live, but I’m sure you haven’t seen this cool mashup between USB Hub and Power Strip. This is the new USB Hub by Elecom from Japan. Well, you guess what, they’ve just never stop in creating unique stuffs to tease the techie and geeky users!

Elecom USB hub has both 4-port and 7-port model available right now at GeekStuff4U. These USB hub design is really looking like a power strip with individual switch. It even has comes with a labeling sticker where you can stick it on the appropriate label spot on the Elecom USB hub to tell you which port is for which gadgets. Printer, Flash drive, Webcam, Mouse, keyboard, just name it!



With Elecom USB hub, the needs of removing your USB gadgets from the hub has been eliminated with the inclusion of the on/off switch. If you feel like to disconnect your device, just switch it. This both can prevent the USB port from loosening and you can save some energy too! :)


Right now, these Elecom USB hub Power strip design is available for 3,700 Yen (4-port) and 9,650 Yen (7-port) in whitesilver or black color at GeekStuff4U.

[via UberReview and TechChee, TCG]

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