Orb Alarm Clock with Color Changing Light Show

Boystuff UK has a new item in their inventory. It’s an nice looking Orb Alarm clock that has a soothing color-changing light show built into the middle of the glass Orb.


Aside from the lightshow, this Orb Alarm clock also has a nice LCD screen in a circular shape with black background and color changing digit numbers to show you the time. You can choose whether you want a 12 or 24 hour display format, it also display calendar with database up to the year of 2099, a snooze button, and it can even display you the temperature of your room by Celsius or Fahrenheit setting.

For the extra soothing effect, the Orb Alarm Clock has included 6 unique soothing and relaxing alarm sounds to wake you up from your dream. Pretty nice for a 19 bucks alarm clock! Head on over to BoyStuff.co.uk if you need more information.

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