ReSound Alera Bluetooth Hearing Aid Can Hook Up With TV and Mobile Phones


Most of hearing aids available up until now is only capable of assisting the elders to hear spoken words clearly. With this new ReSound Alera hearing aid, users can also hook up with TV or cell phone wirelessly via a mini transmitter box that will transmit the TV / mobile phone sounds directly into the hearing aid. This is very convenient for those who have hearing problem, especially they don’t have to sit close to the TV to get a louder sounds.

ReSound Alera use 2.4GHz wireless technology, which mean it has a long range of operation, plus a stronger, clearer, stable signal to give the wearer a satisfactory sound quality. As for the battery life, it can work continuously for 138 hours per charge. No pricing and availability data available yet.

[via TFTs, TechGadgets, HearingMojo]

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