The Rush Hour Tokyoflash Traffic Watch

Alien-tech watch maker TokyoFlash has just rolled out another alien watch called “Traffic Watch”. This traffic watch is just another terrific watch that will make your head spinning and eyes rolling if you don’t know how to read the watch.


The shape of the watch is looking like a normal watch, but what’s interesting is the Traffic map that will light up accordingly to show user what time is it.

According to TokyoFlash, the Traffic watch uses three map routes in displaying time. For hours (1-12), it will make use of the blue city streets, for 5-minute count, it will us the subway line in orange and the single minutes 1-4 is using the highway route that shine in green.


Aside from the unique time reading, TokyoFlash Traffic watch has featured an optional animation in night mode that will be activate once passing 6pm and midnight. Another good side is the rechargeable battery that could be charged via USB port. The rechargeable battery is good for around 300 charges and you can buy the replacement if broken.

TokyoFlash Traffic watch is currently on sale for $169 USD (15,900 Yen).

[via TechFresh]

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