Earbuds Volume: Volume Control Right On The Earbuds!

earbuds-volume-knob-shape-volume-controlThe the common earphone design that we have seen so far for volume control is using a help of a small individual volume adapter linked in between the 3.5mm and the earbuds. However, EarBuds Volume is different. It has a knob shape control right at the rear side of the earbuds that could let you control each side’s volume individually without going through some short of adapter.

It certainly looks geek chic and suitable for any audiophiles who love their geeky and retro life. The Earbuds Volume has also included a bold numbering, telling you which direction will get you the min and max of the sounds. Pretty cool. Cost $16.00 at MomaStore if you would like to own one.

[via Geeky Sugar]

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