U-Build: The Configurable Monopoly Game

Monopoly game has existed for some time now, and up to date, there is no big changes happening to this board game. The battlefield is on a big square board where players competing to buy and monopolize the available markets and play their way to the richest. It might looks a bit stale and boring if we have to play on the same board again and again. However, the U-Build Monopoly game is different. Check out the image for detail:


The U-Build Monopoly game has revolutionize the stale square board into a configurable tiles that let you build yourself the arrangement of the MONOPOLY. Here is the example:


U-Build Monopoly Game

Everything’s customizable these days: jeans, sneakers, lipstick and now MONOPOLY too! With a build-your-own track, you’re in control of your own game. Want a quick one? Start with the 30-minute Starter Track. Want a true MONOPOLY experience? Try the 60-minute Classic Track. Once you’ve mastered those, move on to the Pro and Freestyle tracks for a unique experience that YOU design! There are so many options, you’ll never need to play the same game twice. Do-It-Yourself has never been so much fun!

Includes 12 double district tiles, 4 bridges, 4 single tiles, 2 railroad tiles, 6 movers, 91 buildings, 22 district cards, 17 Chance cards, 4 reminder cards, 2 dice, 1 “money” pack and instructions.

Looks interesting? Would like to get one for your children or nieces/nephews? It doesn’t cost you much because U-Build Monopoly game is only $19.99. Worth just one PC game downloaded from Yahoo game! :)

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