Casio Releases Naruto Exilim For Naruto Fans

If you think Naruto, the king / top 1 manga of the year is for kids, then you are wrong. His popularity has raided the entire world and the creator has successfully spreading their Ninja’s culture to the entire world with this anime. The story is all about friendships and betrayals, though it has some sentimental story lines that could move even the adult. And perhaps Casio is also moved by their ‘popularity’, they’ve just rolled out a Naruto themed Exilim digital camera that based on their Zoom EX-Z330 model.


So what’s special on this Casio Naruto Exilim digital camera? There are three ‘stuffs’ that Otakus or Naruto fans will love. First is the Naruto marking at the from side (the logo and Naruto character).

Secondly, you will be greeted with Naruto’s super ultimate move the Rasengan Move at the welcoming screen that looks ultra cool!


Lastly, you will be able to stand side by side with your Naruto for a posing shots! Wonderful.


The Casio Exilim itself is the Zoom EX-Z330, which mean you will get a 12.2MP Camera sensor with 3x optical Zoom, can record 720p video recording. The Camera will cost 27,900 Yen and it will hit Japan in September 2010. If you are fans, better get a ticket to the Sakura country and buy one for yourself (Well, if you are hardcore enough…).

[via Akihabara]

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