Samsung PL90 Digital Camera With Built-in USB Connector – The Feature That You Have Been Waiting For!

Since the glory of the Flip HD Camcorders, many users have seen the usefulness of the built-in USB connector that allows quick connection to the PC without the hassle to find USB cable to hook them up. However, most camera nowadays still has no such built-in USB connector to share, that’s why Samsung took the initiative to fill this demand.


They’ve just rolled out the PL90, point-and-shoot digital camera with built-in USB connector similar to the Flip’s family. This is an extremely useful feature that only those Camcorders has until now. But now, DC owner will be able to enjoy this feature as well. I believe most camera that will roll out in the future will get this feature too if Samsung can drive more sales with the Built-in USB connector.

Another great feature the Samsung PL90 has is the built-in Smart Album function. The system will let users search for images in a simpler manner. User can sort the images store in the SD card by the date, time or even by color! Pretty smart.


Talking about the camera, The Samsung PL90 Camera itself has 12.2MP sensor, 4x zoom and 2.7-inch LCD display. Quite good for a $149.99 camera where most consumers can get it without a problem.


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