Apricon DVR Expander: Gives More Space For Your Recording


If you have been playing with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for awhile, you might find yourself running out of storage pretty often especially if you have lots of shows that you want to record. Apricorn saw this problem, so they’ve giving a new solution for you to let you record up to 1053 hours of standard TV shows, or about 234 hours of HD shows using its 2TB model of DVR Expander.


The DVR Expander is said to be the largest-capacity DVR external hard drive on the market. The design of this storage is also fanless, fully enclosed in solid aluminum case to protect its content. The DVR Expander is available in for different format. 500GB ($99), 1TB ($129), 1.5TB ($169) and 2TB ($249). All models has USB and eSATA port, depending on your DVRs, Disc Network or DirecTV, the Capricorn DVR Expander should be able to pair them up.

[Apricorn DVD Expander]

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