Brando’s USB Solar Charging USB Hub

brando-usb-solar-charging-usb-hub-1So what’s up in Brando’s lab? Well, they’ve created just another useful gadget after mixing three gadgets into one. The USB solar Charging USB hub may looks quite simple. But it’s actually a mashup between USB Hub, Solar Charger with Inner rechargeable battery, and one LED flashlight that could be used as an emergency tools.


The built-in battery hold 130mAh only, not quite big there but it’s still useful for recharging a cell phone for 1 or 2 emergency calls. Brando also added 7 battery connectors that suitable on most famous handsets. In case there is no direct sunlight to let the Solar panel do its work, the USB hub can be recharged via USB port through an in-car charger with 4 USB ports on your car.

Brando has this USB Solar charging USB hub for $22 only. If you are interested, get one at Brando now.

[via TechFresh]

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