SkinnyBytes Roll Outs Power-over-Ethernet PC


SkinnyBites PC is one of the most power-friendly PC system that could be powered up using 30 watts of power over a standard network cable. This is the Power-over-Ethernet system that will cost 90% less power than traditional computer that require AC adapter/power supply to lit up.

The SkinnyBites Power-over-Ethernet PC is available in several different screen size, starting from 8.9-inch to 18.5-inch. All of the models has been equipped with touchscreen panel, and are suitable for classroom type of usage where it can eliminated the risk of getting a AC power outlet installed in this ‘unpredictable’ environment.

These SkinnyBytes Power-over-Ethernet PCs are compatible with IEEE standard 802.3at for PoE. The system itself is coming with low-power Intel Atom CPU, Solid State Drive storage, LED backlight display, DDR2 RAM, and a passive cooling system that require no fan for the operation.



Currently, the SkinnyBytes PoE 18.5-inch model – The Touchscreen AIO ‘Elite’ is priced at $999. More information is available over at SkinnyBytes Website.

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