The Inside View Of Microsoft Kinect

Even the Kinect is not yet released, we can now see what’s in the ‘box’ and go deeper to understand how Kinect works. This chance was provided by Microsoft themselves to the crews over at T3 so they can figure out how’s this new toy works.


According to the explanation, Microsoft Kinect has three important parts: the movement tracking sensor, Voice recognition sensor and lastly the Motor that would self-calibrate to a specific gaming requirements.

The Movement tracking itself is using a IR VGA camera and a laser that detect the field of play using depth field technology, where it can distinguish our body from a non-moving furniture. Once Kinect detected our body, it will transform the data into a skeleton with moving joints and preloaded with up to 200 common poses as a substitution when a gasp (e.g. out of focus) between the camera and your body appear.

Looks like quite a nice hardware with high technology. However, For $150, this could a costly accessory. There is still a problem with the delays between our body what the character inside the screen that could be possibly an annoy factor that Microsoft has to solved before gamers can actually enjoy the ‘live’ performance of controller-less gaming experience.

[Via Geek, T3]

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