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X-Dream GYROXUS PS3 Gaming Chair To Let You ‘Feel’ Your Gaming!

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X-Dream GYROXUS PS3 Gaming chair is one of the great gaming gadget that claimed to be able to let you the ‘feel’ your game. The X-Drem GYROXUS will let you move along with the action, whether it’s turning, climbing, diving or lifting, you will feel it.


X-Dream GYROXUS PS3 Gaming chair comes with a nice custom PS3 controller installed in the front, though it said it’s made for PS3, you can actually find the custom Xbox 360 controller at BoysStuff and replace the PS3 controller with the Xbox 360 version. x-Dream GYROXUS Gaming chair is going to hit BoysStuff online store in this late August 2010 for £399.95 ($637). However, the stock is available in a limited number. You’d better pre-order one right now if you don’t want to miss this cool gaming gadget.

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