Brother AiRScouter Augmented Reality Glasses


Augmented Reality has really become easy lately. There is no need to open a PC, equipped a webcam and manually price a pattern to see the augmented reality animation anymore. With the Brother’s AiRScouter augmented reality glasses, user can view augmented reality information on a “live” mode.

Brother AiRScouter augmented reality glasses was exhibited over the last couple of months, and now Brother has planned to produce the glasses and bring it to the market at this year’s end.


The AiRScouter Augmented Reality glasses can reproduce 16-inch screen of virtual animation directly to the left eye using the help of three modules, which is the light source module, optical scanning module and eyepiece module. The Brother AiRScouter Augmented Reality Glasses is not yet available, which mean there is no details yet on the pricing and release date.

[via DVICE]

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