Panasonic GF1 Waterproof INON X-2 Case – Can Go Deep Under 75 Meters

Panasonic has released a waterproof camera case that allow divers to go deep down under 75 meters. This camera case is called Panasonic GF1 Waterproof INON X-2 case, which is made for the DMC-GF1 SLR camera.


Although it’s not as extreme as WP-V1 Waterproof Case for Canon VIXIA HF20 and HF200, this GF1 Waterproof INON X-2 case still could provide some interesting underwater recording or photo-taking, and the waterproof case has been equipped with two under water lights to provide a better luminosity.

The only downside that this camera case has is the pricing. It’s very expensive, which is at about $2,430 ($2,200 for the waterproof case and $115 for the grip) for full rig.

[Via Engadget]

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