A Sheet Metal Case for iPhone 4

Looking to transform your iPhone 4 into a macho-gal? Check out this Sheet metal case made by Ryan Glasgow. The Sheet Metal Case for iPhone 4 is made with 304 stainless steel body, a hinged lid, and elastic band for holding cards or locking the lid in place.


The metal sheet case could protect your iPhone 4 from hard bumps and the inner side of the surface has been properly padded with silicone material to prevent scratches when inserting the iPhone 4 into the case. This mean it could also avoid signal lost since your fingers can never reach the antenna spot.




It looks very cool, like your iPhone is being protected by some kind of metal autobot. If you are interested, you can have this Metal Sheet case for your iPhone 4 for $95 at Ryan Glasgow (LtdTools) website.

[via YankoDesign]

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  • Socrates Sanchez

    I order one already. Do they come with belt clip?

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