Tobii ATI ‘Tobii S32’ Augmentative Communication Device


Tobii ATI recently introduced a new gadget that could be use as an augmentative and alternative communication device (AAC) that could playback pre-recorded sounds, messages and even IR-signals which known as the “Tobii S32“.

Tobii S32 is available in two version, which is the Touch model and Scan model. The Touch Model enable user to call back a specific recorded action or commands by touching on the surface that has been properly picture coded (see above), while the Tobii S32 Scan mode is made for those who have a disability to touch a screen with finger by using switches for making choices.

“We set out to design something that takes recorded speech devices to the next level. We have seen that there is room for a device that offers great sound, long recording and battery times and is rugged enough for everyday usage. The Tobii S32 is a communication device that is easy to use,” says Tara Rudnicki, President of Tobii ATI North America.

Both Tobii S32 Touch and Tobii S32 Scan features 60 hours of recording time, while the messages and sounds are recorded either directly onto the Tobii S32 or via Tobii SymbolMate software.

Using The Tobii SymbolMate software, you can create page sets and print them out on any printer. Tobii ATI Tobii S32 is powered by AA batteries and it can last for months before replacing with new one.

[Press Release via iTechnews]

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