Kindle And iPad: In Microscopic Environment

Have you ever wonder what’s the shape or the look of the e-ink Kindle display and iPad touchscreen display when zoomed into a microscopic environment?


According to the prove above, Kindle (left) is clearly the winner when zoomed at 26x. The e-ink text technology look pretty much the same as what you are looking at with your bare eyes on a readable distance. However, iPad display on 26x zoom is showing a bunch of tiny squares forming the text.

Quite a discovery, but the most amazing part is when the both of the display zoomed to 400x (kindle) and 375x (iPad). The image below show you what’s happening in the microscopic condition when a certain text displayed on the screen of both gadgets!


There are more gallery image at BT 101, the ‘researcher’ (Keith) who’ve just got his own USB-microscope. If you are also interested to find out what’s the exact looking of ink on paper, newspapers, magazine in the microscopic environment, Hit this link to jump to his blog.

[via Wired]

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