G-Drive Mini Hard Drive – The Minimalistic Storage For The Mobile People


G-Drive Mini Hard drive is a great solution for those who love to travel around and have a lot of data to carry around. Beside it has a reasonable 500GB capacity, G-Drive Mini Hard drive has a great shock-resistant feature where it can can withstand up to 1000G’s of shock, bumps and bruises that you’ll probably encountered on your traveling. There is a big promotion splash that telling you G-Drive is still alive even though it has been ‘treated’ nicely by bus’s wheel.

Hitachi G-Drive 500GB model features 7200RPM, and it’s powered by single USB BUS power, which mean it can eliminate the need to carry an external AC power supply while on the go.



Hitachi G-Drive 500GB model is currently selling for $154.44 (lowest) at DataVision.

Also check out other G-Drive hard drive model with different capacity starting at 128GB with starting price as low as $93.99.

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  • Raxonon

    Hitachi G-Drive 500GB seems to have attracting features. I would like to know about its susceptibility to failure. Because for users , reliability matters more than simply the size of a hard disk.

    • Raxonon,

      THe Hitachi G-Drive (all capacity) is capable of withstand a 1000 of G’s Shock, which is the highest shock tolerance to date. At least it could handle bruises and bumps, or the best example of the extreme condition is on the PDF file that I’ve referred in the article.
      It still alive and kickin’ after dropped from FedEx truck and rolled by passing bus.

      But that’s the worst case. No one will suggest you to do the same ‘accident’ to test the shock tolerance. However, this G-Drive Mini did come with a reasonable standard 3-year factory warranty. :)

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