Konica Minolta To Mass Produce Flexible OLED Lights In 2010


OLED lights is a growing trend in 2010, thus, Konica Minolta want to lead the market by mass producing their world’s first OLED lights in 2010. Their OLED lights is going to be manufactured using the manufacturing technology from GE, by using a polymer light emitting materials and printing technologies.


According to the specification list, The Konica Minolta Flexible OLED lights is going to sustain 3000 hours of usage with brightness level at 1000 cd/m2. Not too shabby, this mean the OLED lights can properly lit up your room for about 1 years + 10 days if you are going to use it for 8 hours / day.

No pricing yet so far.

[via OLED Display]

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