Sharp Plasmacluster Portable Air Purifier

Sharp has just unveiled a new series of air purifier. The popular ‘Plasmacluster’ technology that existed in Air-conditioner and Fridges is now available in their new Portable Air Purifier. Coded as IG-CM1, this mini plasmacluster portable air purifier can clean air around your desktop and it’s powered by a single USB port only.


The Sharp IG-CM1 is capable of working continuously for around 8-hours using the built-in rechargeable battery, and it can be recharge by via USB or through AC adapter. When working, Sharp IG-CM1 is producing about 29db of noise, which is quite reasonable to be placed at the side of our laptop. Sharp IG-CM1 is only 150g, and it will come with 4 color choices, including black, pink, cream/beige and white.


Currently, you can find Sharp IG-CM1 portable plasmacluster air purifier for the equivalent price of $197.45 at GeekStuff4U.

[Via CrunchGear]

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