USB Octopus – The 7-Tentacles USB Hub

Got some spare money to buy an interesting PC gadget? Here is one that might fall into your shopping list. The USB Octopus USB Hub, is a octopus with 7-tentacles that ready for you to plug in your USB gadgets and hook them up to your PC. It support all USB 2.0 connectors, and it also comes with a dedicated AC adapter in case you need to hook up an external hard drive to this USB hub.



One leg for power, and 7 legs for all your USB gadgets!

If you’ve seen one hub, you’ve seen ’em all. Thus, we don’t see the point of writing about USB hubs here. This one has 7 ports, so you can plug a lot of stuff into it. Got it? Got it. Now, for some facts about the majestic creature known as the octopus.

The octopus is a mollusk, just like the oyster. It makes one wonder… if oysters are an aphrodisiac, what would consuming 90 pounds of octopus do? Beating out everyone’s favorite Time Lord, the octopus has THREE hearts. Two hearts pump blood through the gills while the third pumps for the rest of the body. Their blood is blue.

When escaping a predator such as a dolphin (bad Flipper! bad!) or a shark, an octopus will sometimes shed an entire arm. (Don’t worry, it’ll grow back.) Sadly, the male octopus dies several months after mating. At least he died happy?

USB Octopus USB Hub is only $19.99 at Thinkgeek. Well, you know where to find these kinds of stuffs! :)

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