Smartphone CPU Going Faster: 1.5GHz Qualcomm CPU Available At The End of 2010

If you think the 1.2GHz hack on Samsung Galaxy S is phenomenal, that don’t surprise by the fact that all Smartphones will be going to the sweet spot at 1.5GHz before End of 2010.


The latest news that we obtained from Geeky Gadgets and GadgetVenue stating that 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU is going to make its landing soon. The new faster CPU is created with a better power management system, and it could handle Full HD video playback (1080o) even better than the current cell phones model. Of course, a faster processor also means that you can process anything faster, and hopefully multitasking would become even more swift and smooth, too.


Until today, we have found several cell phone manufacturers has shipped their new phones with 1.2Ghz Qualcomm CPU, I bet it won’t take long until the first wave to start delivering cell phones with this faster processor.

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