Toshiba To Squeeze 2.5TB of Data to Each Square Inch In HDD Platters


Impressive. Though most people thought HDD is going to extinct soon thanks to the SSD appearance, it seems the fact is telling us that Hard drive is still have a long life span to go. Recently, Toshiba has been demonstrating a great prototype of a new storage technique called ‘Bit Pattern Recording‘. This technology a complicated process where it command the hard drive to place an individual bits onto a lithographed “islands” of magnetic material that later coul protect the charge of the individual bit while allowing the sector to be smaller.

This mean that future Toshiba hard drive is going to have a the same shape and dimension, however, the capacity is going to increase significantly, or to give a bit of illustration, the capacity is going to increase about five times more than the current biggest HDD capacity in Toshiba product lines. Expect to see this prototype to hit the manufacturer stage on this 2013.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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