Pouring Made Easy with E-Z Pour [Concept]

Expert mamas might not interested in such kind of gadget to help make their cooking easier since they’ve mastered most kind of utensils and technique to pour something without spilling it all over. However, for a newbie (including me) in the kitchen’s battlefield, this E-Z Pour addons for the frying pan or other wide-mouthed pots looks very interesting.



E-Z Pour by William Thompson and Alex Thompson (under the direction of Professor Tsai Lu Liu at Auburn University) is a handy piece of ‘attachment’ that you can stick/slip to the frying pan when you want to pour your liquid based cooking (porridge, soup, etc) without worrying you’ll spill all over the table thanks to your ‘amateur’ technique. The E-Z Pour concept is made for any width-mouthed pans, pots, or storage. I see this gadget is pretty useful, but no idea if some company will pick up this concept and make it into the production or not.

[via YankoDesign]

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