Nano Kit: Filming With DSLR Camera Made Easy


Check out this cool new photography accessory that could virtually turn any DSLR camera into a video recorder. The Nano Kit is a kits that provides customizable grips, handles and chest braces that allow you to position the DSLR camera conveniently on your viewing angle while the camera can rest peacefully on your chest. The Nano Kit can also be customized into a dual-handed holder for the DSLR camera If you dislike the DSLR camera to rest on your chest. However, it might cost you a bit more on the budget side because the setting require more handles/grips/braces.

Depend on the setting and customization, the Nano Kits will cost from $100 to $500. More details could be found at RedRock Micro website.

[Via Gadget Lab]

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