Samsung Throws In New SSD Models

Care to buy an SSD for your system? I know it’s a luxurious tech, but those who chase for performance while can easily spend thousands of dollars upgrading their PC might want to check out Samsung new lines of SSDs.


There are three SSDs in total, all released under the 470 series codename. These Samsung 470 series SSDs is the 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB model, which will cost you $200, $400 and $600. A perfect pricey $200 increment on each model and they are available in the Europe market right now.

SSD is still expensive, I have no idea why people want to buy 256GB of storage for $600 where they can actually get 2-4TB of storage capacity with that money. If you are really chasing for the performance while you are tight on budget, SSD is really not the best option for you. But luckily, you can go for the SSD killer type of alternative, where you can find the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive that perform 8 times as fast as the common 7200RPM HDD in a cheap price.

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