Viking Modular’s SATADIMM Is An Unique New Storage

viking-modular-satadimm-ram-slot-storageSATADIMM… Have you ever heard this jargon? Neither did I. This is obviously a new technology. Just take a look at the picture at the side. It’s a DDR3 RAM, however, there is a little bit different in their chip placement. This is the SATADIMM, a new storage device created by Viking Modular Solution’s.

SATADIMM make uses of 240-pin DDR3 slot as the power source, while the data transfer is done by hooking up a normal SATA port through a normal SATA cable. This SATADIMM is quite unique because it will take up the unused RAM slot for storage and it won’t cramped your PC. Unless you are a hardcore gamers who needs every slot to expand the capability of your gaming system, chance are you’ll get about one or two free DDR3 RAM slot for this SATADIMM to fit in.

Other than for saving space, Viking Modular also designed is also a high performance SSD at 30,000 IOPS. Which make this SATADIMM become a definite rival to the old SATA HDD in performance.

SATADIMM will comes with 50GB, 100GB or even 200GB of extra space with SSD grade performance. No pricing or release date announced yet.

[via Viking Modular]

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