Wink E-Reader Unveiled By India’s EC Media

India’s EC Media has released their own version of Ebook Reader called ‘Wink‘. Sounds like a nice cheerful to me, but the Wink ebook reader doesn’t come with a funky and cheerful themed case design. It uses the usual Kindle-like porcelain white color (the face) and with gray color combo (the rear side).


Wink ebook reader by EC Media has already supplied with more than 200,000 book titles from their partners like Harper Collins, Penguin, Roli, Oxford University and Permanent Black. Plenty of them coming soon and the list of premium partners will grow as time goes by. Let’s switch our attention to the Wink ebook reader first. This ebook reader is having 6-inch e-paper display similar to Kindle, as well as the keyboard that looks similar to kindle QWERTY keyboard. However, Wink ebook reader has a free GPRS wireless connectivity and WiFi from start, which is pretty good and compatible with International network. It also has a USB 2.0 socket for transferring data and the battery can last about 10,000 page turns. Not too shabby, however, we have no pricing details yet. Let’s hope it won’t cost higher than a Kindle.

[via GeekyGadgets]

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