Aerobed Pakmat Inflatable Air Mattress Has A Built-in Air Pump


This Pakmat Air Mattress is pretty a unique mattress. Beside it has a built-in Air Pump that can easily inflate the mattress in 60 seconds or less, the air pump is also the protector of the Pakmat Inflatable Air mattress as when deflated, the mattress will go inside the air pumps and properly protected by the air pump. It looks very interesting and travel-friendly and you can easily find place to store this air mattress while it’s stored inside the air pump.

No battery or external power needed to inflate the air mattress, just give it a little pumping motion and you are good to go. Pakmat Air Mattress is made with 100% eco-friendly phthalate-free materials, and you’ll get a handy 2-year limited warranty on your purchase. However, the downside is that Aerobed Pakmat Inflatable Air Mattress will cost your $99.99 to own one. Pretty expensive for an Aerobed, but think of the features it actually pays off.

[Product Page via OhGizmo, InventorSpot]

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