Sharper Image Literati Color Ebook Reader – New Kindle Killer?

Lots of companies have jumped into the bandwagon of color ebook reader lately. You can see there are Copia, Gemei, PanDigital and more coming soon. It seems if Kindle is not going to take a further step into the color version of kindle, much likely their competitors are going to crush them in this market.


Talking about new color ebook reader, here is another one ‘fresh from Sharper Image’s oven’ that’s just make its surface. Known as the Literati. This color ebook reader looks alike with Kindle, no dual screen like nook or Alex from Spring design, but it has one large (7-inch) color screen that support 800 x 480 pixel resolutions. It looks pretty cool, although there is no touchscreen functionality, the keyboard can simple do the job.

The Sharper Image’s Literati also equipped with Wi-Fi connection where you can go online to download books from Kobo’s online bookstore. However, Sharper Image has disabled the web function so you can’t browse the web using this color ebook reader, and there is no way you can install additional apps to expand its functionality.

Sharper Image Literati color ebook reader is going to hit the shelf in October for $159, which is about $20 higher than Kindle’s e-paper version of ebook reader.

[via Electronista, SlipperyBrick, Crunchgear, DVICE]

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