iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard – Powerful Keyboard That Can Hook Up With Any Bluetooth-Enabled Device

Yes, this bluetooth keyboard is obviously powerful. Although it has a small dimension at 4.5” x 2.36” x .35” and the iTiny name, this keyboard is certainly not ‘tiny’ and it’s not something you can look down easily. iTiny is small, but its capability is HUGE!


iTiny Bluetooth keyboard features full QWERTY keyboard, with up to 8 millions of life cycles and High quality Membrane keyswitches. It can hook up with ANY bluetooth-enabled devices, including Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, Google Android Phones, Windows 5.0, Nokia symbian S60 and later versions, Xbox 360, and even PS3!


iTiny Bluetooth keyboard is running at the 2.4GHz frequency band using Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. There is a built-in 200mAh Li-ion battery that could give user about 50 hours of continuous usage, and there is a whopping 400 hours of battery life when keep in stand-by mode.


This amazing iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard is currently selling for $60.95 at Ergonomics Made Easy. If you are interested to type comfortably on your smartphone, you should consider to get one (unless you are that holy-cow fastest iPhone 4 texter!)

[via ITN, GearDiary]

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