Samsung Galaxy S To Protect Its AMOLED Display With Gorilla Glass

AMOLED is expensive and limited, so that’s why Samsung want to take their further step to protect this property from being easily shattered by improper user’s usage. They are going to install Gorilla Glass onto their Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, which currently it’s the phone that use AMOLED display to attract customers.


According to our source, the Gorilla Glass is a glass protector that similar to helicopter’s windshield, which is strong enough to ensure it won’t break easily from certain level of pressure and bumps.

BJ Kang, senior manager of Samsung Electronics said, “Advanced display technology plays a crucial role in meeting consumers’ growing expectations on high-end mobile devices, especially smartphones. Corning’s Gorilla glass has helped maximize Galaxy S’s unique smartphone features by enabling a high-quality touch display.”

Haeng Hee Lee, president of Corning Korea Company Ltd added, “Device makers are challenged with designing stylish yet durable products. The Galaxy S is a fine example of a premium device created through the combination of Corning’s specialty glass and Samsung’s mobile display technologies. Corning’s Gorilla glass enables device makers to introduce durable display products with innovative designs.”

[via Engadget]

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  • memed

    What’s the phone on the left ??

  • cristo

    Samsung galaxy captivate from at&t. Anyways I got this phone yesterday! Does this mean I got Gorilla Glass on mine? How do I know?

  • I doubt so, Cristo. We haven’t heard any news when (the exact date or version) Samsung has to offer the gorilla glass with their captivate and galaxy S. It should be soon, but not the one which has been produced earlier. But I can’t make sure of it. You should probably ask the carrier or merchant who sold you the phone.

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