SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse Is Now Available!

Do you remember the Tru:Motion Mouse which was designed by a company called Smartfish Technologies and New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)? This ergonomic mouse that will treat your wrist like king is now available!


Dubbed as SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse, this mouse is manufactured using the concept which we have introduced it to you last year. The SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse is featuring a pivoting base and swivel mechanism. Your hand no longer need to move from one spot to another since all you have to do is wave around the mouse like playing with a big trackball.

According to the press, SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse is using 2.4GHz wireless technology for the connection with your PC. It means you need to plug a USB receiver that come along with the ErgoMotion Mouse in order to let it work properly.


If you want get one now, Amazon has it for $49.99 only. Kind of a great deal to cure your RSI problem, especially if you are using your mouse more than 5 hours a day.

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